Welcome to the Harold Herald

I was too lazy to redesign everything so I used WordPress instead. Behold its greatness. I might resurrect some of the more popular articles from the old website if I deem them worthy (open to requests). Most posts on this site will fall under 1 of 3 categories (could be more in the future). For those who need an explanation for all the categories, read below:

  • Articles: Every now and then, when I get excited about a news article I read, I’ll post about it. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt; actually, just bring the entire salt shaker. I tend to exaggerate or just blatantly make things up.
  • Blog: Read carefully as Harold tells a story that is probably 95% true. There is always a lesson to be learned.
  • Updates: I don’t like to break character, but sometimes I have to so I can update my loyal readers on anything that may be going on with the site.

For the keen observer, the “About Me” page exists if you want to read a little bit about me. Happy reading!

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