The Cell Saga in 5 Minutes

If you grew up in the 90’s then you probably rushed home from school to watch the latest episode of Dragon Ball Z. For those who didn’t have the opportunity or time to watch that in their childhood, TeamFourStar made a great abridged series that basically covers everything. Despite being 31 years old and not being much of an anime fan anymore, I still enjoy watching random scenes from DBZ for nostalgic purposes… and that’s when I stumbled upon the following video:

This might be one of the greatest videos I’ve seen on YouTube. The practical effects and acting are on point. My top 3 highlights are:

  1. Everyone stumbling to pronounce Dr. Gero’s name, especially Cell talking into his hand to ambiguate the pronunciation (1:57)
  2. An accurate depiction of how Vegeta let Cell absorb Android 18 (3:28)
  3. Piccolo and Goku simultaneously claiming they’re proud of Gohan (4:22)

Watch the video, comment on your favorite parts and enjoy.

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