Striving for Excellence

While hanging out in my hometown of Wichita, I’ve been so busy doing things that I barely find the time to workout (he said sarcastically). Fortunately, on this fine day, I made it out to the park out by my old elementary school where there is now a track. I got there a little early and the school was running some kind of gym session for what looked liked 3rd graders. They were basically doing Fartlek drills: run fast for a certain amount of time/interval, run slow for a certain amount of time/interval, and repeat. While waiting to use the track, I sat off to the side like a creep, did pushups and situps and noticed that some of the tiny humans were actually pretty fast. There were a couple kids trying to keep up with one of their teachers who was probably running an 8-minute pace; they failed, but they tried.

After about thirty minutes, the P.E. teacher blew the final whistle and dismissed all the kids. I’d soon have the track all to myself, but before that, I eavesdropped on one of the moms lecturing her kids and telling them not to try to keep up with Mr. Fast-Runner. She told them, Mr. Fast-Runner is capable of running like that because he trains and is used to it.

In this situation, if those were my kids, I’d probably not win Parent of the Year because I would have given them my own version of that Ric Flair line, “My son, I saw you trying to beat Mr. Fast-Runner today; you’re going to need to train harder because to be the best, you have to beat the best! Whoo!”

Now for my positive message and lesson forĀ  the day: If you want to be the best, you have to work hard and believe in yourself. Your potential is limited by your excuses.

* Disclaimer: I’m not telling anyone how to parent their children. I’m jet-lagged, can’t sleep and simply producing content for this website to kill time. Quality of articles may vary.

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