Catchphrase Origins: A dagger to my heart

If you have been a loyal follower of my website or even interacted with me for a long period of time, you’ve probably heard a lot of references or phrases that don’t make sense. While most of my catchphrases are pop culture and movie references, some of them have even more obscure origins; this is why I’m introducing a new series called Catchphrase Origins where I explain to the H-Squared faithful (still working on a nickname for our readers) the origins of all my references. As of today, my most frequently used phrase is probably, “Get Big Jiggly.” The origin of that phrase will be explained one day, but today’s Catchphrase Origins spotlight will be on the less popular, “A dagger to my heart…”

Origin: The year was approximately 2004 and Shaq had just left the Lakers leaving Kobe Bryant alone to bring the franchise back to its former glory. This left the most electrifying athlete in sports to put up some of the most entertaining individual performances throughout the rest of his career. Being someone who enjoyed watching Kobe play, I always read basketball forums just to hear the chatter around the basketball world. Due to constant playoff failure and occasional poor performances from Kobe, someone on a Lakers forum created a masterful post which started off with the phrase, “A dagger to my heart… Kobe Bryant has lost it.” He went on about how Kobe is no longer the player he used to be and can’t carry a franchise to a championship.

After the forum member declared the death of Kobe’s career, the Black Mamba continued to put up some of the most memorable performances in NBA history. One season, Kobe seemingly hit a game-winner every other game (slight exaggeration). He lived up to his clutch reputation by shutting down Spain in the 2008 Olympics. He won 2 more NBA championships. Every time Kobe etched his place in the history books and in our hearts, a member of the forum would reference the “dagger to my heart” post in jest. The forum member would never live down his premature declaration. People even made pictures of a heart with a dagger through it. It was a meme before memes became regular currency.

Proper Use: Generally, you want to use this phrase when you want to be sarcastically over-dramatic. You can use the phrase to be serious if you want, but that’s the beauty of the phrase; it’s so weird and unnatural that its sincerity is ambiguous. For example, if you’re upset that Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors and making them a virtually unbeatable team, you can say, “A dagger to my heart… Kevin Durant has ruined basketball.” I’ve been using mainly basketball examples, but let’s take a look at this in a more realistic situation, “A dagger to my heart, McDonald’s will never bring back Szechuan Sauce.”

** Unfortunately, the only trace of this phrase I can find on the internet today is a discussion board post describing Kobe’s bald spot.

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