Oregon Stalking Inactive Voters on Facebook

With all the negative press Facebook has been receiving lately regarding privacy issues, maybe it’s time for some good news. The Associated Press reports that Oregon will be “utilizing cutting-edge technologies to empower eligible voters.”

How do you become eligible for Oregonian Facebook Stalking you ask? You simply have to reach “inactive status” which occurs in any of the following situations:

  1. After being mailed a ballot or other election material that is returned as undeliverable.
  2. Not voting or registering in 10 years or as few as five years in some counties.
  3. If your ballot has been challenged.
  4. If you’re imprisoned on a felony conviction.

By implementing this voter outreach initiative, the state hopes to push hundreds of thousands of inactive voters to update their registration.

This is a great and innovative way to bolster voting numbers, but I truly can’t wait until the day Facebook reminds me to put the toilet seat back down after a midnight head call.

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