Common Phobias Treated With Virtual Reality

Now that virtual reality has become more advanced an affordable, we’re going to start seeing more innovation with its use. According to an article by the Associated Press, there is a possibility that “people with mild phobias will be able to treat themselves successfully at home.” Many people with phobias are often too embarrassed to seek help and avoid treatment so the ability to self-treat at home is highly desirable.

Virtual reality can essentially act as a substitute for exposure therapy and can help treat common phobias such as flying, elevators, heights, spiders, and lawn gnomes. Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many studies on VR exposure therapy so its effectiveness is yet to be determined. The other challenge for VR therapy is that it must demonstrate benefits that outweigh traditional treatment costs, “which can reach $200 per session in some specialty clinics.”

Do you have any common phobias you’d like treated with virtual reality? I personally can’t wait to treat my fear of virtual reality with virtual reality. Let us know your phobias in the comments section!

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