Doctors to blame for obesity

A lot of you have probably seen an article titled “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” being posted all over your Facebook feeds for the past couple days. We will let you read the article yourselves and form your own opinions about it because, as usual, we here at the Herald don’t really discuss controversial topics. When we see a controversial topic we take a hard Tokyo Drift left.

The only thing I wanted to point out about this article is how the article destroys physicians over and over again. One paragraph starts off citing a a peer-reviewed journal article saying how doctors “show less emotional rapport” with obese patients. Ouch, way not to show empathy, docs.

The article goes on to cite a journal article that argues “for more stigma against fat people” to help stir them do something about it. Now doctors are a bunch fat-shamers. Doctors aren’t looking very good here folks.

“It borders on medical malpractice.”
– Anonymous consultant and musician

The authors try to help physicians save a little face by saying, “Not all physicians set out to denigrate their fat patients,” but then throw them back under the bus an says they do damage through “subtler, more unconscious biases.” Now doctors are full of micro-aggressions.

Now we move on to statistics about how only 13 percent of patients get any specific plan for diet or exercise from their doctors. Docs, if you care so much about your patients losing weight, why aren’t you giving them a guide on how to do it? One person even resorts to saying, “It borders on medical malpractice.

About half of the post blames and shames doctors into thinking they’re a huge barrier to weight loss. But, wait, let’s look at the survey results of an article they cite themselves:

Figure 1 – A survey showing perceived barriers to weight loss, provided by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.

Oh, that’s interesting. The most overwhelming barriers to losing weight were listed as lack of willpower, prevalence and convenience of unhealthy foods, and a sedentary lifestyle. Maybe doctors aren’t to blame after all; it seems that the top barriers to losing weight are things an individual can control themselves. My question for the audience: should we take individual responsibility for controlling our weight? Feel free to discuss in the comments section, but keep it civil.

* Disclaimer: I hate having to say it all the time, but please don’t take our articles too seriously.

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