Instagram Co-Founders Bail

The co-founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, have decided to part ways with their precious social media company. The two did not give a reason for resigning leaving the social media faithful with nothing but speculation.

Despite being acquired by Facebook six years ago, Instagram was evidently promised a decent amount of autonomy.┬áRumor has it that there was quite a bit of animosity and creative differences between Instagram and its parent company ultimately leading to Systrom and Krieger’s resignations. Looks like Instagram will have to go on without its founding fathers.

Aside from why they decided to depart, the only question left is what they will do with all their spare time? Will they go the way of Tom Anderson and take up a career in photography?

Speaking of the former 1st Friend, did you know he’s got a collection of sweet photos and a massive 658k following on Instagram? You’re welcome for the free advertising, MySpace Tom.

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