Khabib last man standing in the Royal Rumble

The Khabib Nurmagomedov v. Conor McGregor match went about exactly as everyone expected it to, non-spoiler alert: Khabib wins by submission. That, however, was not the story of the fight. After their initial bout, the main event follow: an all-out Royal Rumble.

After the match, there were no handshakes or high-fives. Khabib saw one of Conor’s teammates, Dillon Dannis, in the crowd, jumped over the octagon cage, and started attacking him. While this was happening, McGregor was attacked by three of Khabib’s men from behind.

“Three of Khabib’s guys have been arrested and taken to jail.” – Dana White

Once the dust settle, Dana White refused to hand Khabib the title because he predicted riots would occur. As Khabib left the arena, trash and bottles were thrown at him and three of his men were arrested and taken to jail.

In the end Conor McGregor elected not to press charges, so Khabib’s men will be free to participate in the next Royal Rumble. The scene was reminiscent of a classic World Wrestling Entertainment match where every wrestler jumps into the ring and a free-for-all brawl ensues. The only thing missing were the lights going off while Kane and the Undertaker sneak into the ring and duo-handedly defeat everybody.

Lastly, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov actually wrestled bears when he was a kid:

The only thing left for him to accomplish in his career now is to change his name to Zangief and fight in the World Warrior Tournament.

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