Amazon Alexa tells you if you’re sick or depressed

If you thought biometric shopping carts were the future, just wait until you read about this Amazon patient. Apparently Alexa could potentially be capable of “voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users.” Amazon’s goal is to be able to detect when you’re sick and show you an ad for medication to treat your symptoms. Or if Alexa detects a little bit of depression in your voice, she’ll could refer you to a mental health specialist.

Unfortunately, some folks might not be too enthusiastic about this as it raises privacy concerns. The thought of Amazon being able to store information about your mental and physical state is slightly unnerving. During a time where data breaches and the selling of personal data are common, how comfortable would you be with that information being released for the world to see?

That being said, the next step for Alexa is to detect how people smell and tell them to take showers.

Source Article: Ars Technica

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