Mother’s Voice vs. Smoke Alarm

A recent study has shown that children are three times as likely to wake up to their mother’s voice than to the loud beeping of a smoke alarm. As a former adolescent who was required to wake up and go to school every day, I will vouch for the fact that sleeping through an alarm can be a common occurrence. As a grown up who is still required to wake up everyday, I will continue to vouch for the fact that sleeping through an alarm is still a possibility.

The discovery that children are more likely to wake up to a recording of their mother’s voice is a breakthrough in science. The practical use for this is to install smoke detectors that use voice recordings rather than beeping; this could potentially save hundreds and thousands of lives.

That being said, the next step in research is to investigate whether or not adults respond similarly to their mothers’ voices. I might need to have my mom send me a voice recording of herself telling me to wake up because I’m late for my violin lessons. I would never be late to work again.

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