Music Discovery: Momoko Kikuchi

Welcome to the newest series at the Harold Herald where we try to expose you to music you may have never heard before. Today, we’re going to introduce you to Momoko Kikuchi, a Japanese musician who became famous in the 1980’s.

A lot of Japanese music from this era was created to be blasted on your radio cruising down the highway (this is fake history). Around 2012, it became popular to take a bunch of these songs and increase the tempo, add some filters and call it Vaporwave. While the modern remixes are upbeat and exciting, the original versions are still great.

If you liked the song above and also like to collect CD’s to look cultured, click on the album cover below to buy a Special Selection CD.

I hope this post peaked your interest in Japanese music and that you search for more artists to listen to. Alternatively, you can let me do the work for you and wait for the next “Music Discovery” article.

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