Fultz unleashes new jump shot

In 2017, Markelle Fultz lost his jump shot. His form inexplicably changed. Some blamed it on his shoulder injury, others say its completely mental, and some rumors even say that he changed it because he lost a bet. This weird change in his jumper led him to shoot 40.5% for the 2017-18 NBA season. People started to doubt whether or not the young NBA player would ever find his shot again.

In today’s game versus the Hornets, Fultz gave us a gift: the final, greatest form of his jump shot:

This new technique will be emulated in driveways by generations to come. Given the shot’s release point and extra power by using two hands, I believe the NBA is moving toward an era where full-court shots are going to become a thing. Steph Curry needs to move over because Markelle Fultz is coming for him.

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