San Francisco forcing big companies to pay homeless tax

Looking for the best city to be homeless? Book a ticket to San Francisco where there is a new corporate tax that will raise $300 million a year that will direct money toward homeless services.

If you’re looking for someone to thank, look no further than Marc Benioff, founder and co-chief executive officer of Salesforce. Much to the chagrin of other tech giants, he spent more than $7.8 million in personal and corporate money to the campaign to pass the proposition.

Funding for homeless services has “increased dramatically in recent years with no discernible improvement in conditions.”

– London Breed, San Francisco Mayor

Looking at the other side of things, some people including the city’s Mayor don’t think this is the right way to help or solve homelessness. If you own a company that makes more than $50 million in gross annual receipts and don’t support the homeless tax, we recommend you move your company out of San Francisco.

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