iPhone XR price to be slashed

If you waited to buy an iPhone XR, then you’re in luck: some carriers have decided to slash the price of the XR in an attempt to boost sales. The only caveat is that the only way to cash in on this deal is to live in Japan. It has been reported that major Japanese wireless carriers are planning to cut prices for the XR as early as next week.

Of course the article sites the source as, “people familiar with the matter,” which means this information could be completely made up since the source is unverifiable.

Ever since Apple’s earnings report a couple weeks ago, the company’s share price has dropped more than 22% from about $222 to $172. Poor sales projections for their new phones has caused the company’s stock to spiral downward. Apple’s value has dropped so much that Microsoft briefly overtook it for the first time since 2010 in terms of total market capitalization.

For those wondering what could be the underlying cause for Apple’s downfall, sources familiar with the matter told me its because they didn’t release a successor to the iPhone SE. We highly recommend stocking up on as many of them as you can as the availability of the last great, small phone will dwindle as the holiday season approaches.

* Disclaimer: A large portion of the website’s readership are from Japan, so some of you might actually benefit from this possible price slash.

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