3 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Less

For years, we’ve been told that sleep is an extremely important factor in maintaining good physical and mental health. Some benefits to getting sleep include reducing stress, helping you stay alert during the day, decreasing health risks, and improving your memory.

Despite all the scientific studies talking about why sleep is an essential human function, we’re going to argue the opposite and tell you the top 3 reasons you should sleep less.

1. Learn a new hobby
What are you really accomplishing when you sleep? Nothing. By staying up a couple extra hours every day, you’ll have so much more time for hobbies. Always wanted to learn a foreign language? Stay up late and teach yourself a couple phrases a night. Wish you could make the next greatest iPhone App? Buy an inexplicably expensive Mac Mini, download XCode and start programming. With all that extra time, you can accomplish goals you never had time to complete.

If you can teach yourself to function well on zero hours of sleep, you can function well in any life situation.

2. Challenge yourself
It’s way too easy to give in to your basic instincts and go to sleep when you’re tired. Stop being a mental midget and challenge yourself to overcome your innate desires. Ever try to watch a movie while your eyelids feel like cement? Ever try to complete a presentation for work when the letters are floating around the screen? If you can teach yourself to function well on zero hours of sleep, you can function well in any life situation.

3. Get away from everyone
Ever have one of those days where all of your friends are asking for favors? Or maybe you’ve been around people all day and you just want some peace and quiet. While everyone else is sleeping, you can finally get that moment of solitude. This is your time to find real peace and happiness. Not sure where to start? Check out this book to learn some simple, practice and effective methods to achieve inner peace. Meditation before bed can get your mind ready for an exciting new day.

Congratulations! Now you have three good reasons to tell your behavioral psychologist you don’t want a sleep study done because you’ve discovered better ways to spend your time rather than sleep. Get those psychologists off your back and fight for your right to sleep. Your body, your choice. Don’t agree with our advice? Leave an angry comment.

Disclaimer: Please don’t deprive yourself of sleep, get fired from your job, and blame us.¬†Your choice, your consequences.

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