Amazon Go coming to airports

Since December 2016, Amazon started a new concept where shoppers could scan their phones, walk into a store, grab what they want, and leave without checking out. The shoppers’ Amazon accounts would then be billed accordingly. To this day, there are several Amazon Go stores including one in Seattle, three in Chicago and one in San Francisco.

For those who haven’t been privileged to experience this new store, look no further, airports may soon start hosting these futuristic shops. It has been reported that Amazon is looking to bring this shopping format to win business from “hungry, time-pressed travelers.”

Now you can make a quick stop to get some real earphones instead of using the cheap, crappy ones the airlines give you. While the convenience of shopping without having to wait in long check-out lines seems tempting, the real question is whether or not the items in these stores will get the traditional airport price mark-up treatment?

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