Elon Musk could bring jobs back to America

On November 26, General Motors announced that it planned to idle five factories in North America and cut approximately 14,000 jobs. President Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with this announcement saying that he was “not happy with what she did,” referring to the company’s chief executive, Mary T. Barra.

Tesla CEO and real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk recently announced that it would consider buying the aforementioned idled GM plants. The company could certainly use the extra plants to ramp up production of the Model 3 mid-size sedan. Overall, this could potentially be a win-win situation for all parties involved including lawmakers, labor leaders, and people in the regions that depend on the factories for work.

Aside from being the potential savior of the auto industry in North America, went ahead and threw in his usual cheap shot at the Securities & Exchange Commission: I want to be clear: I do not respect the SEC, I do not respect them.

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