5 Memorable Moments from the Vape Store Meltdown

Over the weekend, a viral video was released showing a vape store employee completely melting down because a customer was wearing what he deemed inappropriate, racially charged political attire. While the Herald doesn’t make political statements nor does it support any political entity, we still like to poke fun at people. If you haven’t seen the video, feel free to watch it below. Please be aware that this video contains extremely foul language. For those who don’t know, this website does not condone the use of such words nor will you ever see them written in our articles (we like to keep everything PG-13).

1. Listen very carefully to 0:36 in the video when he goes on his tirade. It sounds like he drops the “N” word with a hard “R” then immediately starts calling the customer racist. While his speech is a little muddied there, it certainly sounds like he said what we thought he said.

2. At 0:44 the camera pans over to the single bystander in the store and the guy just gives a shrug as if he can’t believe this is actually happening. Can you imagine taking an innocent stroll to the local vape store and actually witnessing this?

3. There’s this trend on the Internet where people put the hand-clap emoji between every word to make sure the reader knows they mean business (example below for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about). The guy literally does a real-life, one-handed version of it at 1:25.

4. They’re actually trying to do business despite still yelling at each other at 1:56. It reminds me of the “Quiet Fighting” scene from The Other Guys.

Make sure it’s a 6 milligram so I don’t have to come back.
– Customer Guy

5. Just when you think everything is over, at 2:22 everything escalates again and the angry employee literally starts screeching at 3:07.

Did I forget a memorable moment? Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite part of the video was? Please don’t say the swearing, bad words hurt our ears.

Disclaimer: Again, please don’t make any assumptions about our political viewpoints from this article. We try very hard to be politically neutral.

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