Harden channels Inner-Kobe with terrible shooting night

Without Kobe Bryant in the league, the world has been deprived of witnessing horrific shootings nights. Who could forget the 6 for 24 finals performance in 2010? Kobe shot an abysmal 25% in the penultimate game of the NBA finals and was yet carried to another championship by a big man, Pau Gaosl.

On January 13, 2019, James Harden decided to make history and pay homage to Kobe Bryant with one of the worst-shooting games of all-time. Harden managed to shoot 1-for-17 from the three-point line. The Houston Rockets superstar managed to tie the NBA record for most missed 3-pointers in a game with 16 and also set the record for lowest 3-point percentage at 5.9% for someone shooting more than 15 three-pointers in a single game.

Despite this absolutely terrible shooting night, Harden still somehow managed to put up 38 points. The secret to his scoring prowess? He shot just as many free throws as he missed three pointers. This typically isn’t a great feat, however, let us remind you he missed 16 three-pointers this game.


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