Northam attempts Moonwalk

Political scandals seem to be common in the news these days. Photos of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam recently surfaced showing him in blackface standing next to someone wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume. Or was it a photo of Gov. Northam wearing a Klansman costume standing next to someone in blackface? Either way, that is not a good look in today’s political climate (or ever).

Rather than focusing on politics and scandals, let’s talk about the real story here. During his apology press conference, Northam admitted to darkening his skin one time to perform a Michael Jackson impersonation. A curious member of the media asked him if he could still moonwalk. Rather than dismiss the question, he look around the room for some space and actually considered demonstrating the iconic dance move. His wife actually had to tell him it was an inappropriate situation before he realized he really shouldn’t do it. Watch that moment right here:

Mrs. Northam deprived us of a great headline, “Politician moonwalks his way out of scandal.” If only every political disagreement could be settled with a dance-off. Terrible policy would be implemented, but it would definitely make life interesting.

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