Inmate saves locked baby with neat trick

Everyone has had a mental lapse and locked something important in their car such as their keys, kids, or even your frozen groceries. On Valentine’s Day, a Florida couple accidentally left their baby in their SUV in 56-degree weather.

Without keys and the money to afford a locksmith (because what baby is worth the price of a locksmith, right?), the parents enlisted the help of a Pasco Country Sheriff’s Office inmate supervisor and his band of five low-risk offenders.

“This is hilarious.”
– Inmate Supervisor

With permission from their supervisor, the inmates were allowed to use their special “skill sets” to break into the car and save the baby. The officer was heard saying, “This is hilarious,” as he watched his crew take care of business. The trick they used? They pried the door open just enough to use a coat hanger to push the electronic unlock button on the door.

The moral of the story is to buy a lock pick set, which is surprisingly cheap, so the next time you locked your child in your car, you don’t have to hope a bunch of car thieves are around to help you out.

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