Apple iPhone sales reportedly terrible

When it comes to negative press for Apple, the Herald never misses a beat. As mentioned in previous articles, the company no longer releases sales numbers, but that didn’t stop the number nerds from doing some calculations.

iPhone sales during the fourth quarter of 2018 were calculated to be 64.5 million units compared to 73.2 million units from the fourth quarter of 2017. Apple blames its poor numbers on weakness in China, but everyone knows its the company’s refusal to innovate that is holding it back.

There hasn’t been a ground-breaking change in iPhone technology in years. Additionally, there still isn’t a successor the the iPhone SE, probably the greatest phone ever invented. Apple recently made available a bunch of new SE’s which sold out almost instantaneously; someone in their marketing department must realize that the secret to the company’s success lies in small phones.

Don’t get too upset if you missed out on the SE train, you can still grab some refurbished ones on Amazon. Get them while they last because there may never be a phone this great again.

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