Man kidnaps himself to avoid paying Super Bowl bets

Made a bad bet and need to get out of it? Just kidnap yourself and hope your don’t get caught making up a fake crime. Some guy put $50,000 against the Patriots (mistake #1) in this year’s Super Bowl and had to come up with an elaborate plan to get out of pay the losses.

Mr. Brandel claims that he was abducted by two men involved in the bet. He was threatened with a gun and had $16,000 in cash stolen from him. He was then forced to drive to a remote car park where he was left to be found by the police three days later.

The police didn’t believe his story because he was clean-shaven and calm despite being missing for three days. The police report that normal people are generally worried, depressed and full of emotions when they’re abducted. Additionally, hair grows on your face when you don’t do anything about it.

Next time Mr. Brandel tries to fake a kidnapping, you can certainly bet he’ll lay off the Gilette Razors.

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