Driver choked for singing Christmas carols in March

Some radio stations will play non-stop Christmas music as early as October, but some people like their carols much earlier. In Pittsburgh, a man was arrested for allegedly choking the driver of a vehicle he was riding in for singing Christmas songs in March.

A state trooper was responding to a medical emergency and noticed the two men standing outside a minivan when he arrived. According to the victim, he was choked until he almost passed out as evidenced by redness around his neck and bloodshot eyes.

Mr. Clayton Lucas, the offender, initially resisted being put in handcuffs but eventually succumbed to the state trooper’s brute force. While behind bars in Allegheny Country Jail, Mr. Lucas had time to reflect on why it is a terrible idea to choke out someone who is driving the vehicle you’re riding in.

Side Note: Are we going to act like “Underneath the Tree” is not the greatest Christmas song of all time?

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