Wealthy San Franciscans hate homeless people

The homelessness crisis in San Francisco continues to rise as it posts the highest rate of street homelessness nationwide. In an attempt to solve its problem, the city’s mayor proposed the erection of a homeless shelter in one of the city’s wealthier neighborhoods.

In a predictable response, the neighborhood’s elites started a GoFundMe to hire an attorney to block the shelter from being created. From the elites’ perspectives, why would they want homeless people in their neighborhood especially if they’re going to graffiti the sidewalks with poop? Can you imagine a rich hipster riding his fixie to work only to run over some poop and track it all the way to his office? There is no worse way to start off your day.

Fortunately, there’s hope for the homeless as a rival gang started a GoFundMe to counter the first fundraiser. Overall, the two fundraisers have pulled in more then $140,000 which is enough to buy about 2000 cots so the homeless can at least lay on something comfortable at night. What does the Harold Herald faithful say? Let the homeless move in or find them another place to sleep?

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