Father fakes Girl Scouts cookies crime

The father of a Girl Scout admitted to faking a crime because he inappropriately spent $740 of his daughter’s sales. Rather than tell his daughter he lost all the money or simply pay the non-profit organization the money he owes, he staged an elaborate hoax to get off the hook.

The report states that Mr. Couture placed an emergency call reporting that an unknown individual broke into his house. He stated that he had a physical altercation with the invader before the thief took off into the darkness.

Sometime between the fight and the emergency call, Mr. Couture thought it would be a good idea for the authorities to find him unresponsive. When the officers arrived at the home, they found him unresponsive (not unconscious).

After further probing from the police investigators, Couture finally admitted to faking to entire incident to cover up for the lost money. Next time the daughter should sell her cookies on Amazon to prevent her father from mishandling the funds.


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