Double amputee harassed by New Zealand police

A 60 year-old man was recently pursued by New Zealand police for driving down a footpath at “dangerous speeds” via mobility scooter. A bright red police patrol car attempted to stop the rider multiple times but the scooter rider continued to avoid the officer’s attempts to stop him.

In a climate where no one likes police officers, civilian bystander cheered the old man on. They shouted words of encouragement such as “Go old man, go!” There would be no police brutality here.

“Go old man, go!”
– Random Bystanders

After they finally put a stop to the old man’s rampage, they asked him what he was thinking. He responded by saying he was in a hurry to go home and prepare his tea. He also thought the patrol car was an ice cream van trying to sell him ice cream.

If there was a “take home” message to be learned after these events is that a double amputee in a scooter outmaneuvered New Zealand police for a “continued period of time.” The article likely used that ambiguous descriptor to hide the fact that it may have taken them more than thirty minutes to stop a 60 year-old man who can’t tell the difference between a police car and an ice cream van.

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