TSA allows thermal detonators on planes

Disney stock recovered as the TSA reversed its ruling to ban thermal detonators through security checkpoints. In a joint promotion with Coca Cola, Disney made some Star Wars-themed soda bottles that resembled droids and hand grenades.

A curious Twitter user, who may or may not have been serious, asked TSA whether or not they can pack this in their suitcase (please note that the Dasani in the picture below looks like a normal bottle of Dasani).

Taking the questions seriously (as they should), the TSA  said the product was not allowed in carry-on or checked bags. After careful review, they reversed their decision and said that the product will be considered an over-sized liquid and may be put in checked bags or must be emptied prior to being brought as a carry-on.

This rule reversal will unfortunately make it easier to sneak real thermal detonators onto planes.

Disclaimer: Do not try to bring a real thermal detonator onto a plane.

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