Woman finds parasite in eyes after running

A woman went for a trail run in Carmel Valley on the Northern California coast, plowed through a swarm of flies, didn’t think much of it and continued on with her life.

Eventually, her eyes felt irritated and she tried flushing them revealing a half-inch parasitic roundworm called Thelazia gulosa. Little did she know, theĀ  infestation was not over; she and her eye doctor found four more worms shortly after.

Most people who suffer from ocular surface disease are people who simply sleep in their contact lenses. In this case, the woman was simply trying to get some exercise and ran through a swarm of flies. The infected flies dropped the roundworm larvie in the eyes and the rest is history.

Upon hearing the story, California legislation has proposed a bill making protective eyewear mandatory for anyone leaving the house.

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