Vietnamese-owned nail salons fighting coronavirus

The Vietnamese community found its calling in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Various nail salon-owners of Vietnamese descent responded to the outbreak by donating all of the protective equipment in their inventory.

“Fighting this virus is a responsibility for every one of us.”
– Huy Nguyen, Owner, Top Nails 2

Following suit, various other salon owners came together and contributed more than 134,000 gloves and 23,000 masks to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Owners in other states including Texas and Tennessee came together and participated in this massive deployment of protective gear as well.

“We want to give back to the country and our community.”
– Trang Nguyen

One salon took it a step further and its employees started devoting nine hours a day to manufacturer personal protective equipment for local health care providers. Asked why they’re performing such a selfless act, Trang Nguyen of Zen Nails in Brentwood, Tennessee responded, “We want to give back to the country and our community.”

Disclaimer: There was a Huy, Lisa, and Trang Nguyen in this article; we apologize is if misattributed any quotes or salon locations.

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