Jehovah’s Witnesses overrun by CDC workers

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Girl Scouts have some competition for best door to door salespersons. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partnered with the Georgia Department of Public health to conduct a survey of randomly selected homes for novel coronavirus antibodies.

The surveyors will conduct random antibody tests by going door to door and asking participants to provide blood samples and answer questions about their medical history and possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, launching this campaign has empowered vampires to pose as CDC workers and solicit blood for their next meal. To avoid being scammed, ensure your surveyor is wearing CDC vests and badges, are carrying a letter from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Be weary of impostors as healthcare workers conducting the survey have CDC vests, badges and are carrying a letter from the CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health, and normal teeth vice fangs. Also be assured that these blood samples will solely be used for coronavirus antibody tests and not a top-secret government data collection project.

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