GoFundMe pages have gotten ridiculous in recent times. People have been getting money for high school proms, cell phones and even tickets to the movies. It was once reported that Kylie Jenner was worth $900 million and a GoFundMe was started to help her become a billionaire.

Rather than complain about how people are getting money for no reason, I decided to cash in on this movement and start a GoFundMe called “Give Harold Hope” for my disability. Here’s a little preview for those who are interested:

I am 31 years old and was dealt a bad hand in life. Please hear my story and help me live a fulfilling life.

I was born into this world sinistromanual. This medical condition indicates that I have a preference for using my left hand for writing and most manual operations. For those who don’t know, people who are born with this condition have a reduced life expectancy compared to their right-handed counterparts.

Click here and donate to “Give Harold Hope!”

After reading that passage, you can surely see that this is a very serious issue and I would thank you from the bottom of my over-sized thyroid if you click the link above and empty your entire bank account for a good cause. Remember, not all heroes wear capes.