What are your strongest leadership traits? Find out by taking Tran’s Individual Leadership Overview (TILO). The survey used in this program is a slightly modified version of the Leadership Behavior Description Questionnaire – Form XII developed by Ralph M. Stogdill from The Ohio State University.

This survey displays a series of items that may be used to describe how you behave as a leader. There are a total of 100 items. Once completed, the survey will display a percentage score for various leadership traits. Find out what your strongest and weakest traits are and what you need to work on.

We had the idea to create this program after hearing about how everyone in our work environment is a leader. After noticing that some leaders have specific strengths and weaknesses, we thought it would be a great idea to give these growing leaders some perspective on their best and worst qualities.

Privacy Policy: While we do not collect any personal information ourselves, this program uses Google AdMob which collects personal data for Google. How this information is used by Google can be found here. If you do not wish for any information to be collected, simply do not use the program.